Chiropractors take a holistic approach to your healthcare.   But what does a holistic approach mean? 

We look at holism as your body's entire wellbeing.  Sports and Spinal Chiropractic at The Runner's Clinic acknowledges the mind/body interface.  Therefore, we tailor your treatment to help you meet your goals whatever they might be.    

For some, our chiropractors might bring you symptomatic relief from low back pain, headache, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee or foot pain. A few treatments and we help you meet your goals.  You're then on your way to live your lifestlye the way you choose.  Others might require more regular care as symptoms indicate.  Keep in mind, we want to work with you whatever your goal might be.  

For athletes, they might also benefit from more regularly seeing a chiropractor at our clinic to achieve optimum performance.  We will adjust the feet, knees, hips, shoulders, low back, ribs and neck as indictated.   We might also use dry needling, kinesiotape, soft tissue treatments with instruments...we have a litany of tools in our toolbelt to help you achieve your best. We might also take some time to address nutrition and dietary needs that will also contribute to your optimum performance. 

For everyone, we encourage movement and rehabiliation.  Therefore, some of your treatment will incorporate exercises.  We might take a few moments to review your running technique, squatting patterns, functional/sport specific movements and retrain them as clinically indicated.  Video analysis and video biofeedback is useful for this.  We may also find that treatment during a specific movement pattern, such as soft tissue treatments around the knee while you are performing a lunge, will provide lasting benefit to you.

And lastly, we will work with your other healthcare providers in a team setting to ensure you get the most from your healthcare team.   

That's what holistic approach means to The Runner's Clinic...we keep you running.