How can you reduce workplace injuries in the office?

Workplace injuries are costly to everyone.  Business productivity diminishes, employees are unhappy and in pain and moral can suffer.  40% of workplace injuries are musculoskeletal in nature.  And we can help reduce them in your place of work.

What are the statistics?

  1.  Per hour worked, male employees experienced a rate of serious injury or disease 30% higher than female employees.
  2.  Incidence rates of serious workers’ compensation claims increase with employee age.
  3. The highest occupation incidence rates were recorded by Labourers & related workers, over double the rate for all occupations.
  4. The highest industry incidence rates were recorded by the Transport & storage, Agriculture, forestry & fishing and Manufacturing industries.
  5.  A typical serious workers’ compensation claim involves four weeks absence from work. • One-quarter of serious claims required 12 or more weeks off work.
  6. One in five serious claims involved an injury to the back

Chiropractors are spine care experts.  What this means is that we can contribute to your business by interacting with employees in work, keeping them in work, more productive.  This equates to fewer workplace claims and a happier environment.

Some ways we can help prevent injury are with workplace talks.  Manual handling procedures are useful starting points, but there are also simple stretches and some manual therapy techniques that can help alleviate pain in the early stages of an injury..  Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion, an early return to work is healthy and associated with faster rates of recovery.  Please contact us to discuss how we can arrange a talk at your workplace.

If your place of work is an office, you can check out our blog on office stretches you can do at your desk.